The Dreaming Yogi Community
Melissa De Los Santos

The Dreaming Yogi Community

Melissa De Los Santos

Welcome to The Dreaming Yogi Community

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About Me

I am a dream interpreter, astrologer, essential oil educator and holistic practitioner who loves educating people on different holistic modalities.  All I share has personally helped me with sleep issues and stress management. 

Why You Should Join Me

In this network we will discuss about dreamwork, astrology, crystals, chakras, oils and so much more.  

This membership includes:

*Workshops in different holistic topics (dreams, tarot, crystal healing, spirit animals, chakras, mudras, and more)

*Monthly moon ceremonies where the community meets virtually

*Monthly meditations

*Weekly card pulls 

*Discounts on products and services within my shop

*A safe supportive space to share outside of Facebook and more

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A Big Thanks

To my dream healing, essential oil community and current members!! 

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